Powerful design capability(DESIGN) 
we has an excellent design team, to provide quality services and flexible products for the global customer solutions. Including customized products, design and build, and the structure of ID platform, hardware design, software design and embedded application software development, testing and engineering services. Can combine the design and manufacturing process, to better meet the needs of customers around the world.
High quality manufacturing(MANUFACTURE) 
We has from the mold development, injection molding, surface treatment, coating, assembly production lines, has a large number of high precision production equipment. More important is we has employees and be trained with regularity of quality personnel, run the ISO9000 and TS16949 quality assurance system, to ensure that every product of perfect quality.
Service (SERVICE) 
The use of project management mode, to maintain long-term, stable customer relations of cooperation is the key to the success of us , in order to meet the different needs of customers, we integrate quality resources worldwide, a global customer feedback system to ensure the efficient, to create maximum value for customers, and help them to enhance the market competitiveness, the full range of services to rapidly.
- ID de 
- software design and development
- hardware design 
- circuit design
- function development 
- module design 
- package design 
- structure design 
- user interface 
- electronic system design 
- Case module system design 
- heat flow and mould design 
- PCBdesign 
- PCBassembling 
- systematical products assembling
- customization 
- inventory management 
- delivery service 
- complete quality control( from raw material to finished products) 
- systematical integration and test 
- material purchasing 
- test service 
- suggestion and choosing for component